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Re: Nyasasaurus Update

In a message dated 8/21/01 2:26:57 PM EST, amaris@tin.it writes:

<< And what about "Gyposaurus" sinensis?
   What is the current phylogenetic interpretation of this taxon?
   I've seen rumor that it's the same as Massospondylus. >>

It's currently Anchisaurus sinensis, since Gyposaurus was synonymized with 
Massospondylus by Cooper in his African prosauropod implosion paper

Cooper, M. R., 1981. "The Prosauropod Dinosaur Massospondylus carinatus Owen 
from Zimbabwe: Its Biology, Mode of Life and Phylogenetic Significance," 
Occasional Papers of the National Museums and Monuments, Rhodesia 6(10): 

Ultimately Anchisaurus sinensis may be synonymized as a juvenile of some 
other Chinese prosauropod or may be made the type species of a new genus. I 
don't think there's much evidence that Anchisaurus occurred in both China and 
North America during the Early Jurassic.