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Two new FAQs: Everything You Wanted To Know About Cladistics

OK, thanks to everyone who's contributed to the last couple of
classification-related FAQs.  I think I now have those more of less
under control, although there are still some comments left to
integrate.  I'll see to it in due time ...

In the mean time, I have finished the initial draft of two more FAQs,
also to do with the knotty subject of classification: they are
``What do terms like monophyletic, paraphyletic and polyphyletic mean?'' at
(which I think I may have mentioned on-list before)
``What is cladistics? How reliable is it?'' at

Now I _know_ I have bitten off more than I can chew with the second of
these.  I know that my examples are clumsy and my explanations
awkward.  This is a big subject, and I am doing the best I can with
from my position of limited understanding -- remembering that building
a FAQ that's comprehensible to newbies is actually much _harder_ for
an expert than for a fellow-newbie such as myself.  (At least, I
assume that's true, otherwise one of you would have done it, right?

Anyway, I ask you all please to be gentle with me this time :-)  I
welcome all feedback -- as critical as you like -- but please try to
make it _constructively_ critical!

Thanks as always,

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