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Project Prosauropod Webpage

Hello Dinosaur List,

I thought many of you might be interested to hear about the improved Project 
Prosauropod webpage on the Fundy Geological Museum website.  


This page will follow the preparation of a nearly complete prosauropod dinosaur 
with weekly updates, including photographs, a Microscope Cam, Question and 
Answer board and much more.  

School classrooms can sign up to our Schools Watching Us page, which currently 
has over 40 schools, most from Canada but also several international schools.

There is also a listserver you can join in order to recieve a brief announcment 
evertime the webpage is updated.  See the subscribe ti DinoProj link on webpage.

Please consider providing a link to this page on any page(s) you maintain, or 
telling anyone else you think might be interested.

With Regards,
T. Fedak

Tim Fedak    ___________________________________

Lab Manager                  
Fundy Geological Museum     
PO Box 640, Parrsboro, 
NS, Canada, B0M 1S0 
email: fedaktj@gov.ns.ca  ph:902-254-3814   fx:902-254-3666
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