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RE: Gaia 15- the theropod volume

I contacted one of the editors through email (whos address I subsequently 
lost), and he sent me a copy which I recieved a month ago.  So, I think it is 
still possible to get one.  I believe I found the email address on the Museu's 
website, but HP Holtz said it was down.

Randall Irmis

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>> Darryl Jones
>> Is it actually possible to get copies of this sucker now, or is it still
>> causing problems?  I checked their website and they say volume 14 is
>> forthcoming.  I checked the archives and Tracy seems to have been able to
>> get a copy (no word if he got the other 2 he ordered).  I know there were
>> problems, did these get sorted?  It seems worth ordering, rather than
>> photocopying (if U of T even has a copy), but if there is little
>> chance of
>> me getting a copy, it is off to the library.
>I just checked the websites for the Museu Nacional de Historia Natural (the
>institution which publishes Gaia).  Neither their own URL
>(http://mhn.fc.ul.pt) nor the University's page on them
>(http://www.ul.pt/mnhn.html) are working.  I've not had responses from any
>of my contacts there in months (coming up on a year soon).  I honestly don't
>know what to suggest.  You may want to fax the geology department at the
>University at Fax: 351 - 21 750 00 64).
>(Incidentally, if anyone from the Museum or University has any information
>on this, you can contact me directly and I can forward it to the list.
>Additionally, if you want a lot of copies sold, SVP 2001 is coming up soon
>and I'd be happy to bring order forms if such exist!).
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