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Re: Archosaur Origins (& the Clade Cemetery)

Interesting that *Scleromochlus* is in the definition of Ornithodira. If it
really is a crocodylomorph then the traditional content of Ornithodira is
wrecked anyway.

> Ornithodira appears to be dead or
> dying, and hopefully PhyloCoders will not try to redefine it.  Time to
> on.  I think there is a nice plot in the Clade Cemetery for "Ornithotarsi"
> as well.

There are suggestions (just suggestions on this list) to give it a
qualifying clause (http://www.ohiou.edu/phylocode/art11.html, 11.9, Examples
2 and 3), such as "the most recent common ancestor of *Pterodactylus
antiquus* and *Passer domesticus*, _but not *Crocodylus niloticus*_, and all
its descendants". Current evidence suggests that such an ancestor never
existed, so a clade name defined that way is inapplicable. IMHO a very good