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Re: Thick Tyrannosaur Bones

The science net essay linked in my last said:
<This dinosaur had a singularly light body, its backbone was honeycombed and
may well have had air cavities in it...>
You observed:
<Anyway, yeah, T. rex did have a light body for its size and a honeycombed
backbone, but that isn't necessarily indicative of swimming.>
The Discovery news story I initially asked about included:
<"Tyrannosaurs have very, very dense bones - so the chances of preserving
are better," said [Phil] Currie.>

About Tyrannosaurs swimming, you observed:
<From an ecological sense, though, would Tyrannosaurus really need to swim?>
If they lived among lakes, rivers, inlets, there'd be reason enough to get
to the other side.

Appreciated the Dino State Park reference (15 miles from here).  Thanks.