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Re: Predator-trap theory debunked for Utah Allosaurus site

At 10:59 AM 8/25/2001, you wrote:
This reminds me of the bonebeds of Dinosaur Provincial Park new evidence suggest for what hapened to countless Centrosaurs and including 11 Albertosaurs, although its not thousands but its still counts. The reason to doubt is why did they all die together, well thats a big question, if it was a pack or herd and it must have been for DPP, becuse the numbers seem more dissent, a thousand Allosaurs is not good for lumbering Apatosaurs etc.

The Centrosaurus bone beds are lower than the Albertosaurus bed. Centrosaurus is Dinosaur Provincial Park Formation and Albertosaurus is Horseshoe Canyon Formation.

But, I think it would be strange to find a thousand Allosaurs in a given area.

It does not a thousand Allosaurus animals, it has over a thousand Allosaurus specimens (individual or clusters of bones). The last count for individuals I have is 44 (Madsen 1977). This number might be higher now, but probably not much.

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