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Re: Predator-trap theory debunked for Utah Allosaurus site

I would like to start out by saying that while out in Utah, I had the extreme pleasure of being able to quarry at Cleveland-Lloyd a couple of times. It was a great experience, there was bone _everywhere_.

Well, as Darryl said, there weren't really 1,000+ allosaurs present. I don't recall if 44 is currently accepted number, but that it what Madsen published years ago.<
That number is probably somewhere around there, not too much higher.

The big question is whether 44 allosaurs was too large for a familial group...Are there signs of a small current? How are the bones scattered? To even begin to guess what happened I would have to look at this information.<
From my understanding of what's going on there (at the dig, not the
deposition), the article isn't entirely acurate about all the evidence, being presented, not being presented, etc. Regardless, this is still being worked on, and _not_ formally published. Until it is, it can really only be uninformed speculation, so I think its best to hold off on this discussion...

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