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Re: Nocturnal crocs?

>However, they exist in places that dinosaurs could not.  Grasslands and
remote islands!  As such, they are limited to >these places.  Another way
of saying this is that extant dinosaurs are still excluded from their prior
habitats: nesting >grounds that provide no concealment.

Out of eleven extant ratites (two ostriches, two rheas, one emu, three
cassowaries and (at least) three kiwis) there is exactly one exclusively
grassland/steppe species, the Lesser Rhea. The ostriches occur in almost
any habitat except rainforest and (waterless) desert and the same is true
for emu. The lesser rhea occurs in pampas, chaco, campo and cerrado, but
avoids areas without any tall vegetation. All three cassowaries are
rainforest birds and all three kiwis are predominantly forest birds, though
they do accept scrub and heath.

>Gastornithids existed while NA and Europe were covered with wetlands.
When each continent drained, they >disappeared--thopugh the draining
occurred at different times on each continent.

Really? Wetlands all the way from western North America to Europe? Also
wetlands is just about the only habitat that is _not_  used by any extant

Tommy Tyrberg