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Re: What to do in a short talk?

> So, what do you think should be included in such a talk [that lasts 45
minutes and is directed to people with little knowledge on the subject]? All
> suggestions, links to www-sites with finished slides :-) etc. are welcome.

In the beginning, I would show them a cladogram. The Dinosauria is defined
by its evolutionary history. (It is important to point out that they weren't
the same thing as pterosaurs or those marine reptiles.) And I would probably
also tell that they evolved into both carnivores and herbivores. And it
might be an idea worth considering to tell them about some of the most
interesting adaptations different kinds of dinosaurs had. For example, the
flexible jaw joints of the many flesh eaters, the spaghetti tails and
terrible claws of the dromaeosaurids, the atrophied but strong arms of
tyrannosaurids and their bone-crushing teeth, the sails of spinosaurids, or
something else.

Good luck,
Henri Rönkkö