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1.  Does anyone know anything new about Paul Sereno's new Nebraskan theropod?  I read a small newsbit on it at Prehistoric Planet.com.  All I know so far is that skin impressions may have been found and that it may be related to the tyrannosaurs (this may be just a broad way that to say it is a theropod rather than a true relation to the tyrannosaur).
2.  Is it possible that the Moreno Hill "Dave" specimen is a dromaeosaurine?
3.  I am constantly hearing about John Smith (a paleontologist) finding new Spinosaurus material.  Can anyone give any confirmation of this?
4.  Is there a dinosaur or non-dinosaur (yes, I know that non-dinosaur is such a broad term but it is effective) called Talluscoatum?  I read about it somewhere and I can't find anymore information about it.
Nicholas Gardner
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