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Re: What to do in a short talk?

Having tried to give a 20 minute lecture for my Natural History of Vertabrates course, (which ballooned into 45 minutes, but I still got an A)  My advice would be to either give a very general overview of dinosaurs, or to specify a particular topic or genera, and go into depth.  (you could probably easily talk 45 minutes on T.rex alone).  Another piece of advice would be to do a lecture on the common misconceptions people have about dinosaurs.  This way you won't overburden a layman audience with as much technical terminology, and they will still walk away with a lot of info.

  Martin Baeker <martin@raptor.ifw.ing.tu-bs.de> wrote:

After several discussions during lunchbreaks, some of my colleagues have
asked me to give a short talk (about 45 min) on dinosaurs. They are
scientists, but are in engineering and mostly have no clue about dinos.

Now, for a talk on such a big subject, 45 min is only slightly longer than
a micro-second, but I am sure some of you have done it before.

So, what do you think should be included in such a talk? All ideas,
suggestions, links to www-sites with finished slides :-) etc. are welcome.

Thanks for any help,


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