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Re: New Spinosaurus material

Without revealing too many details regarding this new _Spinosaurus_  material, 
is it
significant enough to discredit or support any of the various, often conflicting
theories surrounding the lifestyle of the genus? I'm particularly concerned 
with the
numerous hypotheses concerning its feeding habits, and whether or not the 
dorsal spines supported a sail or some other anatomical feature.

Any information would be appreciated.

Josh Smith wrote:

> Nicholas Gardner wrote:
> > First Post: 3.  I am constantly hearing about John Smith (a
> > paleontologist) finding new Spinosaurus material.  Can anyone give any
> > confirmation of this?
> >
> I don't know of anyone named John smith working on spinosuarids, but I
> think I can confirm the discoveries of some new _Spinosaurus_ material.
> We aren't talking much about it yet, though....
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