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Re: Predator-trap theory debunked for Utah Allosaurus site

On Sun, 26 Aug 2001 22:40:29  
 Jordan Mallon wrote:
>>From: Graydon <graydon@dsl.ca>
>>The easiest explanation, though, is that they were a significant
>>fraction of the allosaurs caught in the flood and got channelled by it
>>into the same location, which wasn't high enough.
>But again, the article states that the bodies weren't moved very far after 
>death, thus ruling out the idea that these animals somehow accumulated after 
>death.  As such, I would imagine that the mass assemblage of _Allosaurus_ 
>was behavioral, and not due to channeled deposition.

Based on what Sampson was quoted as saying in the article (the accuracy of it 
was questioned on list, but I assume most of it is right...), there is little 
sign of either excessive predation or channeled deposition.  This seems to rule 
out the predatory trap hypothesis (for now).  

Obviously, the evidence presented by the bones and rock at the site isn't very 
conclusive.  If it were, then scientists would have come to a conclusion long 
ago.  However, I agree with Jordan.  Yeah, somehow at least 44 Allosaurus 
individuals congregated together in one place, likely in life (premortem).  It 
could have had something to do with mating, maybe they were avoiding 
transgressing floodwaters, or possibly the allosaurs were migrating.  Your 
guess is as good as mine though, as there is really no straightforward evidence 
to support anything...yet.


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