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Re: Predator-trap theory debunked for Utah Allosaurus site

Based on what Sampson was quoted as saying in the article (the accuracy of it was questioned on list, but I assume most of it is right...)<
That was me. And once again, I would like to note that the article is not complete in its presentation of the evidence.

Obviously, the evidence presented by the bones and rock at the site isn't very conclusive. If it were, then scientists would have come to a conclusion long ago. However, I agree with Jordan. Yeah, somehow at least 44 Allosaurus individuals congregated together in one place, likely in life (premortem). It could have had something to do with mating, maybe they were avoiding transgressing floodwaters, or possibly the allosaurs were migrating. Your guess is as good as mine though, as there is really no straightforward evidence to support anything...yet.<
Once again, I must state that this is currently under study, and basing speculations off of an incomplete data set is not healthy. This thing is very very interesting, so could we please, please wait until its published, so we can all deal with as much data as was collected, and make more informed speculations.

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