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Re: Stem groups (was Re: Archosaur Origins...)

In a message dated 8/26/01 8:47:26 PM EST, granth@cyberus.ca writes:

<< However, I think it is far less confusing (for both scientists and the 
general public) to continue to use a term few nonscientists have ever heard 
of, like Ornithosuchia, than it is to suddenly start referring to all 
dinosaurs as birds, a term currently restricted (by most people) to 
{_Archaeopteryx_ + Neornithes}  --  or, for the general public, "things with 

Now is the time to start re-educating the public.
<< Same goes for Mammalia.  Yes, laymen have no idea what a synapsid is, but 
they (and scientists) would be quite surprised to find that the term 
"mammal", previously restricted to "furballs", now includes such animals as 
_Dimetrodon_ (already mistakenly believed by many nonscientists to be a 
dinosaur!). >>

Now is the time to start re-educating the public.