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Re: SVP Poster Citation

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Sent: Monday, August 27, 2001 9:37 PM
Subject: SVP Poster Citation

How would I go about citing a poster from an SVP meeting?  I want to put one of these posters in the bibliography or reference list for my website's soon-to-be-finished "Coelurosauria Cladogram" pages, but I don't know how to properly "word" it.
The particular poster I want to put in my bibliography is Nick Longrich's poster from SVP 2000: "Myrmecophagous Maniraptora? Alvarezsaurs as Aardraptors".
Maybe by citing the abstract: Nick Longrich: M. M.? A. a. A., SVP meeting abstracts 2000 (supplement to JVP 3(2000)), p. 54A (September 2000)
BTW, while the hypothesis is intriguing, it still suffers from the extreme shortness of mononykine arms, which are totally ridiculous compared to the arms of all modern anteaters...