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Talluscoatum and Maniraptoran Tyrannosaurs

Boy, everyone writes back quick.
Just one question from last time:
>>4.  Is there a dinosaur or non-dinosaur (yes, I know that non-dinosaur is such a broad >>term but it is effective) called Talluscoatum?  I read about it somewhere and I can't find >>anymore information about it.
Below is my rather early and tenative classification of Maniraptora (Passer + Enigmosaurus)  that includes tyrannosaurs.  Yes, I know it needs work and probably should be revised, but I thought I would get opinions on it.
  |--"Enigmosauria" Keesey, unofficial
  |  |--Oviraptorosauria
  |  |  |?-Caudipteryx
  |  |  `--+--Avimimidae
  |  |     `--Oviraptoroidea
  |  |        |--Elmisauridae
  |  |        |  `--+--Microvenator
  |  |        |     `--(others)
  |  |        `--Oviraptoridae (sensu J.A. Headden, DML)
  |  `--Therizinosauria
  |     |?-Beipiaosaurus
  |     `--Therizinosauroidea
  |        |?-Alxasaurus
  |        `--Therizinosauridae
  |           |?-Nothronychus
  |           |--Segnosaurinae (?=Enigmosaurinae)
  |           |  |--Enigmosaurus
  |           |  |--Erlikosaurus
  |           |  `--Segnosaurus
  |           `--Therizinosaurinae
  |              |--Nanshiungosaurus
  |              `--Therizinosaurus
     |--+--Aves ==(1)
     |  |  |?-Alvarezsauridae
     |  |  `---->Pygostylia
     |  `--Dromaeosauroidea (implied Matthew & Brown, 1922)
     |     |--Archaeopterygidae
     |     |  |--Archaeopteryx
     |     |  `--Rahonavinae
     |     |     |--Rahonavis
     |     |     `?-Vorona
     |     `---->Dromaeosauridae
        |?-Ornitholestidae + Coelurus
1) hyperextendable toe lost after dromey/bird split
2) hyperextendable toe secondarily reduced and (?)lost in tyrannosaurs; L-shaped cannon bone of the foot; and the T-shaped bone of the jugal region (I can't remember what the specific bone is called but it was used to unite the tyrannosaurs with the ornitholestians and the allosaurs)
As I said above it is very tenative and is in need of revision.  The Ornitholestes + Tyrannosauroidea clade may need to include the ornithomimosaurs but that would mean the ornithomimes lost their semi-lunate carpals secondarily.  Perhaps the ornithomimes
re-expanded their carpals to brace the manus.  That would be important if they were using their hands as rakes and/or defensive weapons.
Nicholas Gardner
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