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Re: SVP Poster Citation

> <BTW, while the hypothesis is intriguing, it still suffers from the
extreme shortness of
> mononykine arms, which are totally ridiculous compared to the arms of all
modern anteaters...>
>   Shortness compared to what?

The rest of the body, and all modern ant-eating mammals.

>   I have compared, as has Nick and a few others, the arms to those of
modern digging animals, and
> we _all_ find a close mole-like form to the arm, inspite of the location
on a long-legged body,
> such that the arms seem disproportionately small. That's the only problem
with the comaprison.
>   But if you need taxa to compare, find work on the arms of *Talpa* or
*Amblysoma* (I compared to
> the latter) ... this indicates the arsm were perfectly adapted for
digging. This leaves
> paleobiology for the most part.

OK, I don't have a better idea, but I'd expect either much longer arms, at
the very least as long as in *Patagonykus* (which, BTW, is IMHO a bit big
for myrmecophagy, not to speak of *Rapator*) -- or a much shorter neck.
Mononykines must have been lying on the ground or termite hill for just
reaching it with their arms.