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I don't remember seeing this onlist, so here is something for y'all:
Lucas, S. G. and Heckert, A. G. 2001. Theropod dinosaurs and the Early Jurassic age of the Moenave Formation, Arizona-Utah, USA. N. Jb. Geol. Palaont. Mh. 435-448.
Goes into a brief discussion on the age of the Moenave Formation, and its stratagraphic position, and then describes a left and right pelvis, which is then refered to _Syntarsus sp._. Looking at the pelves pictured in Tykowski (1998), I don't see a very striking resemblence, but he doesn't say that it is kayentakatae, so... However, I should with hold further commentary, because I believe there is more work being done on this as we speak.

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