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Re: Coelurosauria Cladogram is here!

Nice site. I would suggest adding Dryptosaurus at the base of your tree (and perhaps Proceratosaurus even basal to that).
I based my latest classification (posted in early July) in part on some of Mickey Mortimer's analyses, so there are some definite similarities. I would personally prefer to keep Compsognathines in a separate clade from Scipionyx and from Coelurus, and I definitely think Ornithomimes split off in a more derived position (after Nqwebasaurus).
Tyrannosauroids might have split off before Nedcolbertia, but it is difficult to pin them down to a particular spot. And I still believe "Enigmosauria" is probably paraphyletic (with therizinosaurs splitting off between ornithomimes and oviraptorosaurs as I noted in my recent classification of neotheropods---see below).
     Okay, I am leaving therizinosaurians as a clade (with Beipiaosaurus as sister group to the others).  But still splitting them off as a separate clade before the oviraptorosaur clade.
      ------Cheers, Ken (DML July 2001)

8  Guaibasauridae
9  Coelophysidae
10  Ceratosauridae
_a_  Abelisauridae
11  Spinosauridae (spinosaurs)
B  Torvosauridae ("megalosaurs")
12  Allosauridae ("carnosaurs")
13  Coeluridae (basal coelurosaurs)
         1  Proceratosaurus
         ?  Deltadromaeus (carnosaur??)
         2  Dryptosaurus
         3  Nedcolbertia
         4  Ornitholestes
         ?  Santanaraptor
         5  {{Tyrannosauridae}}
         6  Compsognathus
         B  Sinosauropteryx
         7  Scipionyx
         8  Coelurus
         9  Nqwebasaurus
        10  {{Ornithomimidae to AVES}}
_a_  Tyrannosauridae (sensu lato)
_1_  Ornithomimidae
2A   Plesion _Beipiaosaurus_
B   Therizinosauridae
3   Plesion _Protarcheopteryx_
4A   Caudipteridae (probably paraphyletic)
B   Caenagnathidae
C   Oviraptoridae
5   Plesion _Bagaraatan_
6   Avimimidae
?   Troodontidae (misfits??)
7   Alvarezsauridae
8   Dromaeosauridae (deinonychosaurs)
9   Plesion _Unenlagia_
10   Plesion _Rahonavis_
11   {{AVES/AVEA}}
From: "Grant Harding" <granth@cyberus.ca>
Reply-To: granth@cyberus.ca
To: <dinosaur@usc.edu>
Subject: Coelurosauria Cladogram is here!
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2001 19:09:00 -0400


After years of saying "This summer it'll be finished", my website's Coelurosauria Cladogram section is finally done and ready for viewing.

Please go and check it out.  The URL is:

The website in general can be accessed at:

Many thanks to HP Mickey Mortimer, for providing me with the results of his no-flight-related-characters analysis, the phylogeny of which is used on my page. Thanks also to everyone here who answered my endless questions: Thomas R. Holtz, John V. Jackson, T. Michael Keesey, David Marjanovic, Tommy Tyrberg, and so many more.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think of it!

All the best,

-Grant Harding
amateur palaeontologist

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