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Re: Coelurosauria Cladogram is here!

Grant Harding wrote-
After years of saying "This summer it'll be finished", my website's Coelurosauria Cladogram section is finally done and ready for viewing.
Many thanks to HP Mickey Mortimer, for providing me with the results of his no-flight-related-characters analysis, the phylogeny of which is used on my page. 
Congratulations Grant!  I appreciate you using my analysis as the basis for the cladogram, and your use of the following sentence- "The phylogeny is tentative, however, and may change."  In the present case, this is especially applicable.  I'm in the process of making sure my codings are accurate, so I don't really support any phylogeny at the moment, but....  Removing the flight-related characters from my revision-in-prep analysis creates a different phylogeny than your website-
 |--lots of basal coelurosaurs (compsognathids, Coelurus, Ornitholestes, Scipionyx, etc.)
      |    |    |     `--Avimimus
      |    |    `--Ornithomimosauria
      |    `--+--+--+--+--Oviraptorosauria sensu stricto
      |         |    |    |     `--Microvenator
      |         |    |    `--Caudipteryx? sp.
      |         |    `--Caudipteryx zoui
      |         `--+--Segnosauria
      |              `--Protarchaeopteryx
           |     |    |    |    |     `--+--Unenlagia
           |     |    |    |    |          `--Rahonavis
           |     |    |    |    `--Archaeopteryx
           |     |    |    `--Microraptor
           |     |    `--Troodontidae
           |     `--Deinonychosauria (incl. Sinornithosaurus, Bambiraptor, Achillobator)
What an odd phylogeny.  The Avimimus + Ornithomimosauria clade is like Makovicky 1995, while the placement of alvarezsaurids close to ornithomimosaurs is similar to Martin's hypothesis.  Placing "enigmosaurs" in the Arctometatarsalia is rather unique...
By the way, you misspelled Sauriurae.
Mickey Mortimer