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To be attacked by a Mockingbird

All this talk of aggressiveness in birds makes me think of Mockingbirds. I
lived in North Carolina for a while, and mockingbirds are very common there.
I have seen them attack cats and chase crows and hawks away, both of which
are much bigger. If you put some bread out, several species of birds will
arrive to eat it, but soon a mockingbird will arrive. It will then spend
enormous amounts of energy chasing every other bird away from the food. This
is sometimes counter productive, because while it chases one bird, others
sneak in behind it to eat the food. The mockingbird often spends so much
effort defending the food that it has no time to eat it. Watching
mockingbirds is very entertaining, they are like people who are angry all
the time and can¹t deal with anything calmly.
I don¹t know if this has anything to say about dinosaurs, but it does show
that some species are unusually aggressive.
Robin Reed