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RE: Coelurosauria Cladogram is here!

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> Tracy L. Ford
>       Tyrannosauroids might have split off before Nedcolbertia, but it is
> difficult to pin them down to a particular spot.  And I still believe
> "Enigmosauria" is probably paraphyletic (with therizinosaurs splitting off
> between ornithomimes and oviraptorosaurs as I noted in my recent
> classification of neotheropods---see below).
> ********************************************
> There IS tyrannosaurid teeth from the Late Jurassic in North America and
> Portugal (See Ford and Chure at the poster section at this years
> SVP).

And Holtz's presentation on Friday at 12!  (Good to see we are all on the
same track!)

> Also
> Stokesaurus does have tryannosaurid affinities.


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