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Re: New JVP dinos

In a message dated 8/29/01 12:22:41 PM EST, guntervanacker.mesozoic@pi.be 

<< While initially proposed as an early therizinosauroid, more recent 
comments indicated that it probably was a "prosauropod", similar to 
Lufengosaurus (a contemporary?). I understand from Dinogeorge's posting that 
it is again mentioned as a therizinosauroid.
 Is it now unquestionably identified as a therizinosaur ?>>

Yes indeed.

<< Is the proposed early Jurassic age correct ?>>

Yes indeed.

<< Or does the JVP paper only contain a description of the fossils, without 
definitely establishing its phylogenetic position ? >>

Paper is exceptionally thorough and answers all criticisms. Eshanosaurus is 
found to be sister group of all other segnosaurs (=therizinosauroids), and 
oviraptorosaurs are next outgroup to segnosaurs. Several characters of jaw 
and teeth keep Eshanosaurus out of Prosauropoda and in Theropoda. I'd write 
more but I have a lot of work to do at the moment, and everyone will have the 
JVP issue shortly anyway.

If segnosaurs are maniraptorans, then this is by far the oldest known 
maniraptoran. Since segnosaurs were at least proto-feathered (e.g., 
Beipiaosaurus), Eshanosaurus was likely proto-feathered, too.