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Re: the fuzzy psittacosaur and the Dinosaur Mailing List on Science's online site

"Thomas R. Holtz, Jr." wrote:

> For those with access to the ScienceNOW site (part of Science Magazine's
> online presence), a short report (detailing nothing new about the specimen
> from what was discussed on the list: sorry) can be found here:
> http://sciencenow.sciencemag.org/cgi/content/full/2001/828/2
> The article begins "A dinosaur with a strange, bristly tail set
> paleontologists abuzz last week after grainy photographs of the fossilized
> creature began crisscrossing the Internet""  and includes the following:
> "Speculation began around 20 August, when Michael Schmidt, a fossil dealer
> in Edmonton, Alberta, forwarded color photos of the specimen to some members
> of the DINOSAUR Internet mailing list."

Look out for NATURE this week. I've just got news that it will also be featured

Luis Rey

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