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all that new stuff... :-o

GARGL!!! It is so exciting... The e of *Eshanosaurus*, however it's exactly
pronounced, captures greatly my emotions about it (it gives a lot more
credibility to all those Jurassic dromaeosaur and whatnot remains, the EJ
and LTr bird footprints and some parts of *Protoavis*).
        If just two hours ago, or less, someone had written "I have a new
idea: Ornithomimosaurs were filter feeders!!!" I'd have gone to great
lengths to falsify this, desperately trying to find sharp edges on their
beaks, and now I have to learn that there were animals around for a long
time that fed like flamingos (or, perhaps a slightly better analog,
Presbyornithidae) but ran like ostriches... (which in turn gives more
credibility to alvarezsaurs as aardraptors -- but their arms are _still_ so
short... :.-( )
        Hey!!! At last we know what ornithomimids were eating! There is
progress in science... :-)
        Seems my chronically low blood pressure is rising! :-)