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Brief report on the fuzzy psittaco in Nature

Dalton, R. 2001. Elusive fossil could conceal answer to dinosaur debate.
Nature 412: 844.

This is a single column, non-illustrated news report.  On the one hand, it
doesn't add any new information about the anatomy of the critter (and
introduces the terms "saurischid" and "ornithischid": typos for
"saurischian" and "ornithischian").

On the other hand, Dalton has been more successful in tracking the specimen
Last year it was in a rock shop called "Stone Age" in Trieste, for cleaning.
>From there it was sent to paleontologists at the natural science museum in
Milan.  There the researchers tried to develop a cooperative project with
Chinese scientists.  However, the owner (an unnamed German fossil dealer)
has since reclaimed the specimen, and is not doing interviews.

That's where it stands at present, and why I was hearing rumors that it was
in Italy and in Germany.

The report recognizes that the specimen reached attention to due Luis Rey's
Extreme Dinosaurs being discussed on the Internet...

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