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RE: Dinosaurs - an endangered species, again...

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Subject: Dinosaurs - an endangered species, again...

>Hello, fellow Dino-Listers!
>(and apologies to those who get this more than once - I subscribe to a number of lists, and this issue is important to me,
>so I'm gonna try and cover all the bases here...)
>    I've recently been in communication with Tom Lipka, whose Brian Patterson Grant project I had the privelege of helping
>out with last year.
>    If you share my concerns (and Toms!) regarding the fate of one of the few remaining (like there were ever that many!?)
>_Early Cretaceous_ dinosaur sites along the east coast of the United States, please contact the people listed below, at
>the following E-mail addresses. (when writing to Governor Glendenning, please include Tom's name in the subject line,
>along with the words Dinosaur Site.)
>    Tom has also asked that you cc: a copy of your correspondence to him at tompaleo@aol.com
Governor Parris Glendenning

Richard Dolesh and                                    Arnold "Butch" Norden
RDOLESH@dnr.state.md.us,                 BNORDEN@dnr.state.md.us

Dear everybody,
I am myself trying to see what I can do to save the Arundel site for future research.  However, I strongly urge that you don't send E-mail to Governor Glendenning; send HARDCOPY mail.  To many (most?) politicians e-mail is worth the paper it's printed on.

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