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Re: Tom Holtz's suggestion

Hi All,

I must say that I am very overwhelmed and flattered by the responces that 
many of you have shown regarding this site. I am forever grateful to all of  
you!  And I agree, with Tom Holtz, perhpas hard copy is better and I too will 
be putting pen to paper over the weekend. For those who have already drafted 
aand sent or will send, an email, just convert same to hard copy and send it 
sanil mail.

However there is one fine point to emailing that I am a bit hesitant to point 
out so as to not draw attention to him/her. Let's just say, I know someone 
who is very close to me, who also happens to work _IN_ the Governor's Office. 
This person has absolutely NO influence or way to influence the situation  
(and I would not expect him/her to anyway) but the person has been alerted to 
expect a "flood" of emails. I have assurances that all emails to the Governor 
and his minions WILL be directed accordingly. My original email to the Gov. 
et al., was directed properly and I was even given a routing number and an 
expected time of reply. That's the most political influence I have to bear on 
the target! So emailing, while potentially less effective than  snail mail, 
may be _slightly_ more efficacious than "normal". And  it is still 

I'll take it any way I can! ;-)

Thanks again to averyone. I cannot possibly keep up with personal off line 
thank you notes so I thank you all, the DML/SVP community!


Thomas R. Lipka
Geobiological  Research
2733 Kildaire Drive
Baltimore, Md. 21234 USA