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Re: Dinosaurs - an endangered species, again...

Hi, H.P. Holtz, All!
    An excellent point - I'm not sure why, but folks in the government do seem to devalue e-mail. As though it was somehow a lesser _expression_ of the will of the people these officials were elected to serve. Then again, I've heard elected officials comment on an issue "My mind is pretty much made up - and I really don't care _what_ the people think!"
    Nonetheless - by all means, please send hard-copy mail through the postal service if you can. Make an appointment to have a chat with Governor Glendenning if you can. E-mail his office if you can't do either of those things. but please _do_ find a way to let your voice and opinions be heard! (nothing _too_ - ummm - creative... we don't want to be dismissed as crackpots!)
    Thank you all, again, for listening and responding!
            Bruce Shillinglaw
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Dear everybody,
I am myself trying to see what I can do to save the Arundel site for future research.  However, I strongly urge that you don't send E-mail to Governor Glendenning; send HARDCOPY mail.  To many (most?) politicians e-mail is worth the paper it's printed on.

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