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Re: New Carcharodontosaurine Maxilla

To Steven Coombs, who wrote:

Oh ya the maxilla is long like Charcharodontosaurs saharicus, I find it >looks like that.

It looks like the "maxillary fenestra" I described is actually the promaxillary fenestra....not entirely sure, but it seems to be in that position. Oddly, the new Carnotaurine to be described by Coria, Chiappe & Dingus has been described as having a "maxillary fenestra". As far as I know, only the promaxillary is known for Abelisauridae, so this is either a case of mistaken identification or in convergence with the standard neotetanuran character (presumably reversed in G. carolinii, C. saharicus, and Monolophosaurus jiangi). One thing I would like to get cleared up, is whether we have phalangeal material for the Carcharodontosaurinae. Does the holotype for C. saharicus (juvenile, I believe) have pelvic girdle material? HP T. Mike Keesey has stated on the Dinosauricon (when addressing the Carch-Abelisaur link) that "....characteristics, such as the three-fingered hand (neoceratosaurs have four fingers), cast doubt on this idea." Can it be verified that Carchs don't have a vestigal fourth metacarpal? Thanks in advance!
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