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Re: Dromies, birds - and Protoavis question

On Wed, 31 Jan 2001 09:43:25  
 Dino Guy and Computer Gal wrote:
>You can see a color two page spread of Chatterjee's _Protoavis_ bones in Carl
>Zimmer's article, "Ruffled Feathers," _Discover_ magazine, May 1992, pp. 44-45.
>The article spans pp. 44-54.  The bold purple subtitle states: "A 
>going after the earliest bird may have ended up with a mouthful of worms."
>You can also see a more distant view of the bones in the article, "The Lonely
>Bird: Claims of the earliest avian fossil launch a paleontologic flap," by
>Richard Monastersky, _Science News_, Volume 140, August 17, 1991, pp.104-105.
>Strangely enough, Chatterjee's book, _The Rise of Birds_, is loaded with what I
>might call "optimistic" illustrations of _Protoavis_, but no photographs of the
>actual specimen.  It may have been an amazing little animal, but the specimen
>has been characterized by critics as scrappy, poorly preserved, and perhaps
>chimerical.  More _Protoavis_ fossils would need to be discovered and studied
>before paleontologists would be able to reach a consensus on the status of this
>specimen and its relationship to birds.

In addition to the sources that HPs Ralph and David mentioned, check out page 
88 in Lessem's _Dinosaurs Rediscovered_.   Although the chapter is non 
technical, it does discuss Chaterjee's discovery of Protoavis, his feelings on 
the specimen, and does contain a nice photo of the reconstruction, courtsey of 
Texas Tech.

Of course, I recommend reading the technical paper recently published.


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