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RE: Abstracts & Illustrations

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Rather than repeat the entire text of a rather long email, I will just offer
support and state that I feel Norm is 100% correct.  You must SEE the
specimens.  Period.  You must also see the outcrop.  To quote Don Wise the
I entered his structure course, "The one who sees the most rocks before he
wins."  It is true for fossils as well.

I agree to a point. Yes, one should see the material, BUT, when someone
can't the best and only way to JUDGE the specimen is either by the
photographs or illustrations. For example, Triceratops flabellatus by good
old MARSH is illustrated totally wrong! BUT, it keeps being USED in
scientific papers. Triceratops phylogenies have been used off this
inaccurate illustration! I must emphasize that THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH