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Re: pronunciation

> Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2001 10:19:50 -0600
> From: "Richard Swigart \(rswigart@yahoo.com\)" <rswigart@bwsys.net>
> Also, does anyone know of a good web site where a an illiterate
> person, such as me, could find out how to pronounce some of these
> Latin/Greek/English/Chinese words?

Check out the Dinosaur FAQ, question ``Are there any good
dinosaur-related web sites?'', subsection 1.2 (Dinosauria On-Line)
It says --

        Its ``omnipedia'' section includes a few very helpful
        resources not in the Dinosauricon, such as a dictionary of
        technical terms (www.dinosauria.com/dml/diction.htm), a
        pronunciation and etymology guide for dinosaur genus names
        (www.dinosauria.com/dml/names/dinosi.htm) and maps of the
        anceint earth (www.dinosauria.com/dml/maps.htm).

> Could someone please tell how to pronounce:  Protarchaeopteryx

Following the link in the FAQ to
We find --

        Protarchaeopteryx Ji Q. & Ji S. 1997 "first ancient-wing" 

        PROH-tahr-kee-OP-ter-iks (Gr. protos "first" + Archaeopteryx
        (Gr. arkhaios "ancient" + Gr. pteryx "wing")) (f) named to
        indicate a turkey-sized (3 ft. long) birdlike feathered animal
        similar to Archaeopteryx, but flightless and more primitive
        [... lots more ...]

Hope this helps.

A general note to whom it may concern: read the FAQ!  It's your
friend!  (And it makes all my work worthwhile if someone actually
reads it!)

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