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Re: Status of _Utahraptor_?

I've recently overheard that the status of
_Utahraptor_ may be in doubt.  Is that true?  If so,
why?  FWIW, this is not just a matter of curiosity for
me.  If there's any doubt as to the validity of the
genus, please reply!

This comes from the description of _Bambiraptor_ by Burnham et al. (2000). They suggest that, since the material of _Utahraptor_ was found scattered and disarticulated, the bones may belong to more than one species; "We see little reason to believe that these bones come from a single species, let alone a dromaeosaurid." (p.7) The same authors also throw doubt on the validity of _Achillobator_, for much the same reason.

I would stress that this is the opinion of Burnham et al., not my own.



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