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Re: Abstracts & Illustrations

I agree. If they can't get it done in a decade they ought to hand it over to someone who can.
The _Hurdia_ anomalocarid was scantily described in a sentence or two in a conference abstract way back in 1992, and wondering if it ever going to be described or figured. If one of the two competing teams of anomalocarid researchers discovered another Hurdia specimen, they'd probably be scrambling to get papers to press, but when one researcher or institution has a monopoly on the specimens, they seem content to drag out the process.
Thoroughness is one thing, but I think procrastination in the guise of thoroughness is really getting to be a problem in some areas.
Mickey Mortimer wrote:
*Should* be followed by a better publication, but will they?  Do you think
that by 2020 we'll have an in-depth description of Scipionyx,
Protarchaeopteryx or Shuvuuia?  I hope so, but my gut feeling is "no".  I
know research takes time, but it should take less than a decade to put
together even the most in-depth descriptions (like Sinraptor dongi).

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