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Re: Abstracts & Illustrations

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>>> Luis Rey <luisrey@ndirect.co.uk> 02/01/01 06:45PM >>>
>Repeat the mistake until it becomes a 'truth'. Updating seems too much an
>effort and sometimes is unpopular... remember that thing about 'people
>wanting certainty'? Or is it maybe that editors find cheap boredom easier
>and more cost effective? Of course, when we are talking about mistakes in
>science publications the question becomes even more serious.

Reminds me of the triangle in an auto-repair shop. The three corners are 
labeled "good", "cheap" and "quick": you can get any two of the thre, but not 
all three. If you want it "good" and "quick", it won't be "cheap"; if you want 
it "cheap" and "quick", it won't be "good"; and if you want it "good" and 
"cheap", it won't be "quick". Editors may follow the same pattern...

Brent : )