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Possibility of never seeing the Rigby rex?

Asking here when something will get published on the
"Rigby rex"  is like asking in the 80's when
Springsteen's next album is coming out, but that's not
my question here. 

Anyone out there have a sneaking suspicion that we
will _never_ see anything on the "Rigby rex?"  

It was recently suggested to me that, because it's not
3" long and furry, the theropod in question is
probably not all that fascinating to Rigby. 
Accordingly, why go through all the considerable work
surely involved, made a lot more complicated by the
landowners, for reasons already well-known?

Even assuming this doesn't happen in this case, and I
hope it doesn't, how often does it happen generally? 
How many very interesting new specimens succumb to the
dreaded "aw, screw it" factor?


"I prefer to think, it's because our hearts are pure."


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