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Re: Project Ornithopter

Patricia asked me to forward this to the list for the benefit of those who expressed an interest in Big Bill.



  I was just looking at the dino list and saw the posting from Danre; the photo of Big Bill.....Project Ornithopter's website  is notthe UTIAS site...Here is the URL for Dr D's new site  which he starteda few months ago and is devoted exclusively to Project Ornithopter.There are photo's and videos of both Big Bill and Mr Bill....could youpost it to the dino list please........thanks for explaining to themwhy I removed the photo of Big Bill [though I did havetext belowthe photo which said that it was the Harris/Delaurier/UTIAS ornithopter.....still....Murphy's Law...someone was bound to confuse itwith Nightingale] http://www.ornithopter.net/