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Re: Abstracts & Illustrations

Josh Smith wrote:
>I sent a reply to this that I don't think showed up, and of course I cannot
>find my copy.  Just to go on record that this has not gone
>unanswered.....(evil grin).
        Josh, you straightforward (read unsubtle) manner is as amusing as it
is refreshing. The reasons I have not responded are as follows:

1) I think you did a very good job of responding, and I agree with most of
your points. However, it would take me an hour to agree in writing with the
points I agree with, and do little more than restate my position on the
points on which I do not.

2) I think I can effectively live without having the last word on this one.
I've vented more than enough frustration at the list this last week.

3) I certainly don't feel there is a point to "win" with you, we are arguing
at the same point, quality research and research quality, from two different
approaches. The fact that we are aware of our differences and our points of
agreement promises that at least you and I, and those whose work we care
about, will more closely conform to the ideals we espouse. At least, they
may find a happy, workable medium.

4) My thesis is a bit behind schedule, and my funding just magically
evaporated, and I have to go look for a job.

5) My fiancee would probably appreciate the time I'd spend on a detailed
reply more than you would. Of course, last time you appreciated my time, the
result was a macropredaceous hadrosaur. :)

        It is too bad though, there was probably more to explore on this
topic. As usual, beer would probably be a good accompaniment to said discussion.



     Jonathan R. Wagner, Dept. of Geosciences, TTU, Lubbock, TX 79409-1053
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