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Walter Granger Website

  Here's a cure for the late winter doldrums! The Granger Papers Project is 
an effort to bring to the public the previously unpublished notes, photos and 
diaries of one of VP's greatest, but underrated, collectors. There are 
excerpts and photos here from his adventures in China and Africa. And I do 
mean adventures!
  Go to: http://www.nh.ultranet.com/~granger/index.shtml
  Here's a quote from a letter at the website:
"...The situation about Roy Andrews and Walter Granger is a little 
complicated...I knew both of them intimately and although I also liked them 
both, I always felt somewhat annoyed that Walter's modesty and Roy's conceit 
gave the wrong impression of their accomplishments. During all the fossil 
collecting in China, proper, and much of that in Mongolia[,] Granger was in 
complete charge and Andrews was not even present. During much of the 
collecting in Mongolia, however, including the early discoveries around Bayn 
Dzak, Andrews was present and in nominal charge of the expedition as a whole. 
Andrews' function, however, was that of obtaining funds and publicity and 
acting as business manager. He did none of the scientific work. All the 
fossil discoveries were made by Granger and assistants under his sole 
command. Just once Andrews tried to collect a fossil, and he destroyed it." 
George Gaylord Simpson in a letter dated December 14, 1970.
  Be prepared to spend some time there and don't miss the drawing of the 
giant snake, Gigantophis ingesting the Eoelephant, Moeritherium. DV.