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Re: Kenyan dino info

*    From: Mark Thompson <reddog@iinet.net.au>
*    Date: Fri, 02 Feb 2001 13:39:37 +0800


"Could anyone please supply any information or references about the
dinosaur fragments  in Kenya?

"I have heard of a French paper from about 1968, but remember the
locality being described differently(east vs west side of Lake Turkana )
in two references found and I never  could locate a copy of the original
paper. The Dinodata site mentions a reference to Harris, J.M and
Russell, D.A 'preliminary notes on occurence of dinosaurs in the Turkana
grits of northern Kenya' but has no date. ( : -(0)"

My 1:4,000,000 GSK geological map shows no Mz anywhere near Lake Turkana.
The only places that Mz shows up are in the far NE and along the coast
around Mombasa. However, my map is dated 1967, so new data may have
developed since then.

"Any help would be much appreciated.
reward; a small bottle of a bright sunny 30'C(85'F) day in Western
Australia.  Mark Thompson"

Just like today here in L.A.
    ...   Dick Peirce,  Pasadena, California.