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Re: Kenya dino info (correction)

In response to:
*    From: Mark Thompson <reddog@iinet.net.au>
*    Date: Fri, 02 Feb 2001 13:39:37 +0800
Dick Peirce wrote on 04 Feb:

"My 1:4,000,000 GSK geological map shows no Mz anywhere near Lake Turkana.
The only places that Mz shows up are in the far NE and along the coast
around Mombasa. However, my map is dated 1967, so new data may have
developed since then."

Whoops. That should have read, "no J or K anywhere near Lake Turkana."

I forgot that the Karoo Group extends well up into the Triassic and may
contain dino remains near its top. Karoo Gp. rocks are shown as being
exposed on both the east & west sides of Lake Turkana, as well as plenty of
other places in East Africa.

    ...   Dick Peirce,  Pasadena, California.