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Dinosaur FAQ #8

Thanks once more to everyone who's been helping out with the FAQ.
I've had enough replies to #7 (``Are there any good dinosaur-related
web sites?'') that I had to restructure the page with the answer, but
I think it makes sense now.  You can see how it's developed at
More contributions are always welcome!

Now it's time to launch FAQ #8, which is as follows:

        What groups of dinosaurs existed?

I realise that this is a huge subject, and the relationships are very
contentious.  Nevertheless, I have taken the liberty of writing up an
initial version of the answer, and I now solicit corrections,
additions, comments, or whatever you may have to contribute.  It's at

As always, responses to <dinofaq@egroups.com> please -- they will be
seen by me and by anyone who's registered an interest in the
FAQ-building process (which you too are very welcome to do at
http://www.egroups.com/group/dinofaq should you wish.)

Thanks in advance,

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