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Re: The birds vs. the pterosaurs

In a message dated 2/5/01 12:59:23 PM, eustreptospondylus@usa.net writes:

<< So what the hell happened to the little pterosaurs?  If they were being
"phased out" by the dominance of the birds, why didn't they fill another
niche?  I mean, the dinosaurs did it.  The dinosaurs have survived, in varying
roles, for hundreds of millions of years, and are still going.>>

No they didn't. NONE of the dinosaurs survived, unless you include birds, 
which you added seperately.

<<It's like Bob Bakker says about
mass extinctions:  It's always the larger animals that get hit.  When the mass
extinction occurred in the late cretaceous, who died?  Certainly not the
smaller dinousaurs.  Not the turtles or the little mammals or the little
birds.  And, probably not the small relative of Pterodactyl that has been
dated as living to the very end of (again) the cretaceous. And there must've
been others.  Quetzocoatlus was one of the latest surviving pterosaurs, and
the largest ever.  But once the big dinosaurs died, did Quetzocoatlus go,

Except for a few crocs and a champtosaur, NOTHING large survived the end of 
the Creteceous. There are no Paleocene dinosaurs [unless you count birds as 
an unimportant survival]. Not one. That's the mystery.

eric l.