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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #156

The 900th name on the Dinosaur Genera List came in through the back door, so 
to speak. A few days ago Ben Creisler emailed me that he had found the genus 
Deuterosaurus listed among the dinosaurs in an article on Triassic Dinosauria 
by Thomas Henry Huxley in the very first issue of Nature. (It is available as 
a facsimile edition from Nature, incidentally; dated November 4, 1869.) 
Deuterosaurus is presently classified as a therapsid, so I have entered the 
name into the List as follows:

Deuterosaurus Eichwald, 1860* [therapsid]

There are several species referred to Deuterosaurus, and several synonymized 
genera, but I think only the type species qualifies as a putative dinosaur. 
So in the next printing of Mesozoic Meanderings #3 it will appear in the 
section on Dinosaurs of Europe (Deuterosaurus is from the European [Ural] 
side of Russia, and is Permian, not Triassic) as follows:

Deuterosaurus Eichwald, 1860*
    D. biarmicus Eichwald, 1860 (type)*
NOTE: Presently considered a therapsid (anteosaurid), with several 
synonymized genera and referred species not listed.

Huxley also lists Ankistrodon, Rhopalodon, and Galesaurus among the 
Dinosauria, but I believe I found these in an article or articles by Owen 
echoing Huxley's opinion. Otherwise I'd have put Deuterosaurus into the 
Dinosaur Genera List as well.