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Re: Dinosaur Genera List corrections #156

--- Dinogeorge@aol.com wrote:
> The 900th name on the Dinosaur Genera List came in
> through the back door, so 
> to speak. A few days ago Ben Creisler emailed me
> that he had found the genus 
> Deuterosaurus listed among the dinosaurs in an
> article on Triassic Dinosauria 
> by Thomas Henry Huxley in the very first issue of
> Nature. (It is available as 
> a facsimile edition from Nature, incidentally; dated
> November 4, 1869.) 
> Deuterosaurus is presently classified as a
> therapsid, so I have entered the 
> name into the List as follows:
> Deuterosaurus Eichwald, 1860* [therapsid]
> There are several species referred to Deuterosaurus,
> and several synonymized 
> genera, but I think only the type species qualifies
> as a putative dinosaur. 
> So in the next printing of Mesozoic Meanderings #3
> it will appear in the 
> section on Dinosaurs of Europe (Deuterosaurus is
> from the European [Ural] 
> side of Russia, and is Permian, not Triassic) as
> follows:
> Deuterosaurus Eichwald, 1860*
>     D. biarmicus Eichwald, 1860 (type)*
> NOTE: Presently considered a therapsid
> (anteosaurid), with several 
> synonymized genera and referred species not listed.
> Huxley also lists Ankistrodon, Rhopalodon, and
> Galesaurus among the 
> Dinosauria, but I believe I found these in an
> article or articles by Owen 
> echoing Huxley's opinion. Otherwise I'd have put
> Deuterosaurus into the 
> Dinosaur Genera List as well.

Well theres another to add to my Genera list.
Is there a web site that has more indo on this animal?

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