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David Marjanovic wrote-

> I've heard rumors of dromaeosaurine and velociraptorine teeth, but
> troodontid ones... *Koparion* isn't alone, it seems.

Yes indeed.  See
http://www.cmnh.org/fun/dinosaur-archive/2000Dec/msg00146.html for a rundown
of Jurassic eumaniraptorans.  Specifically, fourteen troodontid teeth are
known from Guimarota.  Average height- 1.02 mm; average FABL- .92 mm;
average basal width- .51 mm.  Most teeth have anterior serrations, all have
posterior serrations.  They are laterally compressed, with constricted roots
and a DSDI of 0.8-1.5.  Troodontid characters include- triangular cross
section at base; hooked posterior serrations; serrations large for tooth
size (8-16 per mm anteriorly; 6-14 posteriorly).  Primitively, the blood
grooves do not reach the crown's surface.

Mickey Mortimer