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Re: Dinosaur Genera List corrections #156

I think Deuterosaurus may be a somewhat "transitional" form, so it may well depend on your particular cladogram and/or how inclusive your families are.
In my manuscript classification of 1980, as was common back then, Family Deuterosauridae was classified as a distinctive monogeneric family, considered slightly closer to Tapinocephalidae than to either Anteosauridae or Brithopodidae.
Today I think it more commonly thought to be closer to the latter two families (perhaps intermediate between them). Deuterosauridae is perhaps a sister group to Anteosauridae, so one could combine them into a single family. However, Brithopodidae is probably paraphyletic with respect to such a grouping, so I think cladists would prefer to recognize a larger holophyletic Family Brithopodidae (including anteosaurines and deuterosaurines).
And being a lumper myself, I would go the cladistic route and put Deuterosaurus in Family Brithopodidae. Of course, if it turns out to be closer to Tapinocephalidae (as was once thought), that would be a whole different matter.
So my present preference for the family placement of genus Deuterosaurus would be Brithopodidae (followed by Deuterosauridae, Anteosauridae, and the least preferable Tapinocephalidae). One could probably justify any of these four placements. "Flux" is a pretty good way to describe the situation.
----------Ken Kinman
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In a message dated 2/5/01 5:34:42 PM EST, cfkammer@midway.uchicago.edu writes:

<< Just a little nitpicking here--Deuterosaurus is not currently considered
an anteosaurid, but rather a tapinocephalid (-oid, -ine...or whatever your
favorite ending is...the Dinocephalian subgroups are still in somewhat of
a flux as far as names are concerned). >>

That's where Tracy Ford's list currently has it.
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